EVE LF280 is an excellent prismatic lithium iron phosphate cell that is optimized for energy density cycle life. The cell achieves industry leading 170Wh/kg and is rated for 3500 cycles. It is excellent choice for application with high energy density requirement.



  • Intelligent factory design, high performance consistency
  • Square aluminum shell structure, and high-precision explosion-proof valve, high safety performance
  • Low internal resistance, high discharge rate and stable discharge platform
  • Design and customize according to customer requirements
  • Long cycle life, the capacity retention ratio exceeds 80% after 3500 cycle at 1C/1C
  • Green, the product conforms to GB, UN and ROHS directive

Spec Sheet

Nominal Capacity AH 280 Ah
Mominal Voltage 3.2V
Voltage Range 2.5V - 3.65V
Internal Resistance ≤0.25mΩ
Maxiumum Continuous Charging Current 1C
Maxiumum Continuous Discharging Current 1C
Operating Temperature Charging: 0° ~ 55°C
Discharging: -20° ~ 55°C
Cycle Life 3500 Cycles
Dimension LxWxH (mm) 173.6X72X204.8
Weight 5220±200g
Shell Material Aluminum
Terminal Type Laser Welding Aluminum
Certification UL, MSDS, UN38.3, CE, RoHS